Fictional characters

Chandler and Monica, They’ve taught me how love can sprout in the most unexpected places. The kind of love that’ll kiss your face gently like the first few raindrops, and then hold you in its embrace till you’re drenched. That when love finally arrives, it will be in the shape of a beautiful dream. And love will be understanding, compassionate and caring but most of all, it will feel right and easy. It will believe in you and stand by you. Love will stare at you with a smile on its face, fully aware of its affection for you, and you’ll stand there staring back at it knowing you have the entire world before your eyes. How nurturing that love will blossom into a companionship for always and forever. And, every “I love you” will have a silent “I can’t believe I’m with you”. This love will be your friend, solace, and sanity. fictional characters