The night our worlds collided, You were the becoming of me, and I, yours.

You wrapped yourself around me in a way, impeding any inch of me to slip through your fingers.

I remember mapping your skin and reaching your lips then gasping, breathing heavily into you, on you, and with you, soaking the entirety of your caramel skin and bare soul.

As I lay beside you, I felt strangely empty then all too fulfilled as if I were overflowing with your existence and mine.

Darling, you were both, challenging and comforting, you subtly drew me within you, later unbuttoned the intimate corners of my mind, and thoroughly savored every bit of me. The night our worlds collided, you were the becoming of me, and I, yours.

-a.ch// the night we happened

Fictional characters

Chandler and Monica, They’ve taught me how love can sprout in the most unexpected places. The kind of love that’ll kiss your face gently like the first few raindrops, and then hold you in its embrace till you’re drenched. That when love finally arrives, it will be in the shape of a beautiful dream. And love will be understanding, compassionate and caring but most of all, it will feel right and easy. It will believe in you and stand by you. Love will stare at you with a smile on its face, fully aware of its affection for you, and you’ll stand there staring back at it knowing you have the entire world before your eyes. How nurturing that love will blossom into a companionship for always and forever. And, every “I love you” will have a silent “I can’t believe I’m with you”. This love will be your friend, solace, and sanity.

~a.ch// fictional characters


At times I find myself tangled in the web of my thoughts. Often, I think about what all the broken friendships, pain, trauma, relationships and almost relationships have done to me. I fear they’ve desensitized me, numbed me to the core but then there are days when I feel everything, every emotion deeply and all at once. It’s a cycle, followed one after the other. Every cycle makes it all the more difficult to make true sense of everything. It’s like swimming to the bottom of the deep blue sea, you go in voluntarily. Initially the silence is comforting as is the changing color of the sea until, the silence becomes deafening and the color begins to fade and you run out of breath so you frantically throw your hands towards the little ray of light. You hope that someone will pull you out and save you but you begin to choke and the realization finally hits you that you came too far because of something you loved or at least you thought you did.

~a.ch// fragments of my thoughts